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So next week I'll hop over to the optician and use my remaining hand to put my new glasses on.

When I dragged myself out of bed this morning, I reached for my glasses and found the frame broken in two! I do recall leaning on them when I got out of bed in the middle of the night to use the bathroom... It was immediately clear to me that any repairs would have to be a strictly temporary matter, but what can you do? I dug up a pair of rancid old glasses I still had lying around, then took the broken glasses to the optician to get them soldered back in one piece, then spent the rest of the morning getting my eyes re-tested for both glasses and contact lenses and shopping for not one, but two replacement pairs. I'm being very thorough here, but I have to be: in addition to being old and gnarly and not very fashionable and weighing a tonne, those 16-year-old glasses are misaligned and give me a headache if I wear them for too long. The glasses that just broke, on the other hand, were very good to me for the six years that they lasted, so I used the same shop I bought them from and had them fix me up with nice, good new ones.

Shopping for glasses is pretty difficult for me. I have a strong prescription (minus six and a bit on both eyes) so standard glasses go well into the size category known as "bottle bottoms" - I need the spiffy, thinly-slised, ultra-cybernetic-precision glasses if I don't want to look like an idiot and permanently scar the bridge of my nose. Even then, I still can't have large glasses whether they're in fashion or not, and the trend of the moment, frames that are mercifully small but rectangular, disagree with the shape of my face. The guy who tested my eyes was in luck; he had a very angular, square-jawed face that rectangular glasses look perfect on. I on the other hand have a face made of curves, and poorly-defined ones at that. Also, I have prominent eyebrows so anything that emphasises those makes me look like I'm permanently scowling. The best I can hope for is a small, curvy frame that isn't too conspicuous. In the end, I found two frames that I can wear, one expensive model and a cheap one that the optician will throw in for the price of just one glass. The cheap one also gets the spiffy glassware in it, so I was still out by € 600 in total, which I agreed to pay without even blinking.
I didn't balk at the sudden expense because, for one thing, I will probably last out the rest of the decade and more with those glasses. My prescription strength hasn't changed since 1991, which is very rare, and I have a good track record at making glasses last. Also, I had been sort of expecting it. A few weeks ago, I couldn't find my glasses, and had to go through a similar procedure of finding the old, gnarly pair and then using that to locate my regular one. Doing that made me realise that my regular glasses were getting a bit old, fragile and scratched, weren't too up-to-date anymore, and hey, maybe contact lens technology has developed since I last tried contacts, so maybe I wouldn't have the same problems with them again as I had in 1996?
Oh, yeah, contacts. I also bought a pack of one-day contacts for those rare days when I'm not at a computer all the time. I'll test the water again with these. Another stroke of luck with my amazing eyeballs: not only are they stable, but the eye correction they need is the same for both, so I could simply get one pack of day contacts off the shelf. I will need to re-learn putting them in though, so I've got an appointment with the contact lens specialist for that too, bringing the total to three: One on Thursday for contact lens practice, one tomorrow to pick up the repaired glasses, and one at a date to be announced to pick up the new ones.
I can afford the new glasses out of my buffer money (I no longer think of it as savings, but rather as a fund for precisely these sorts of expenses) but even taking into account that it was sort-of expected and high-priority, it's still € 600 that I would have prefered, all told, to keep in my pocket. I'll be lucky if my insurance covers even a fraction of it. So don't be surprised if I start waving my Paypal button at the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan readership again...


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