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Quick life and work stuff.

  • I like writing Gang of Four episodes set in the school, but I fecking hate drawing them. They always take forever to do.
  • Running regularly and swimming when I feel like putting in more exercise have not resulted in measurable weight loss, not that I have a whole lot to lose but a pound or two off would have been reasonable. However, I do have more stamina and energy and my face is getting less pudgy. For one reason, fat always goes to my face, which is why there are pictures of me taken when I weighed no more than the 70 kilogrammes I do now, but in which I look like Jabba the Hutt or even Marlon Brando in his final years.
  • I need: new trousers, repairs to the dryer, a new electric toaster oven, or microwave/toaster combo, a new fridge, a new computer desk and a TV or at the very least a TV card to watch the next Doctor Who season with.
  • I want: a desktop-model Mac. No, I don't need one as both my home PC and my iBook are in good working order. No, I don't have a business case for buying one as Photoshop works perfectly well on the studio PC. I just want one, to complete my entry into smelly wankerdom.
  • I am now definitely in the market for some form of regular (if temporary and/or part-time)employment. If Donna Barr can be a bus driver to pay for unexpected expenses, then so can I. Apart from the not having a driver's license bit.
  • "Pay for unexpected expenses" includes getting a higher credit limit on my card. All my life I've had an almost pathological fear of getting into debt. But debt is perfectly justifiable if buying now and paying later allows for a higher quality of life than I'm enjoying now. As long as it isn't at the level where you can't pay it back.
  • Now that I'm a member of a Viking-oriented club within DeviantArt, I keep seeing posts there from people with Finntroll quotes in their signatures. Because I don't follow the metal scene much, I hadn't realised that they'd become so big, although the reception they got at their concert last year should have tipped me off. If I have a bit of time, I should take a look at their lyrics and draw some troll art based on them. I've been meaning to do that for over a year but always within the context of the ROCR/Gnomian Republic universe. Now, I think just drawing it in the form of single illustrations would be fun and would interest enough people to gain me some popularity there on DA.
  • When Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan returns to showing new material, there may be big changes, bigger than I've let on so far. Or not.
  • If there isn't a special place in Hell for password retrieval system builders who insist on sending you a new password when you've forgotten your old one, so that you have to remember that new password long enough to reset it in every single browser you'll ever log in to the site with, I'll gladly help build one. People are more likely to forget passwords than remember them and people will login from more than one location. Combine these two facts and you have a situation where users will drive themselves to the point where they go "screw it, I'll just use a password I can guess, and just to be sure, I'll write it down," and once they start doing that, they won't just do it for sites that have low risks involved. I'm looking at you, DeviantArt, now tell me what my old password is.


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