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InkaLill on WCN

One of the most encouraging trends in webcomics lately has been the arrival of older, more established cartoonists from the print world onto the Web. It looks like more of these turn up on Webcomicsnation than elsewhere, probably because WCN is widely publicised and very easy for web novices to use.

One cartoonist I'm very happy to see online is Norwegian fantasy cartoonist InkaLill, whose work Geir alerted me to when I first visited Norway ten years (ten years!) ago. She is putting her long-running comic The Knights of Dor on the web, in English, starting with the very early work that I don't currently own in print.
The web processing, to be honest, needs some work, and like most of us, InkaLill did not exactly put out virtuoso work right from the start. But over the run of Knights of Dor, she learned a thing or two, especially about drawing expressive female characters and creating consistent fantasy environments. So this is one series to look out for. The second book seems to be subscriber-only, although it's not clear if there is anything other than the front page online yet at all.


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