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Here's a guy with his head screwed on straight.

Pete Ashton:

Oddly, or maybe not, I've been contemplating putting myself forward for medical trials, the logic being as follows: 1) The noise made over the recent TGN1412 thing implies these things don't go wrong very often. 2) At the same time a significant number of people will be put off applying so they'll be looking for guineapigs. 3) I've been known to spend a couple of weeks feeling grotty and not getting anything done so I might as well get paid for it. 4) A couple of grand would free me up for a month or so of book writing. 5) Blog fodder! (Oh, altruism and for the good of mankind and all that too...)

Quite right. I've been thinking about it myself. The horror of the TGN1412 incident is making me fearful at an emotional level, but this is the first such incident I've ever heard of in my lifetime, and after that, the organisations doing those tests are going to be extra-super-cautious. This would be a good time to go into medical testing.

However, spending a month cooped up is just not on, so no test that involves that (as some do) will be considered.


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