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Banking - it's not just for serious grown-ups anymore!

Are the Postbank even trying to be taken seriously as a bank anymore? Over the past year, in addition to the Content-Free Magazines that every other financial institution insists on sending me, they've done this big promotion for the option to Personalize Your ATM Pass with a design of your choice for the low, low price of €9.75, and their latest special offer is even sillier: instead of paying a competitive interest rate on their savings accounts, they give you Rentepunten (Interest Points) which you can save up to get discounts on goods from a catalog.

Memo to the marketing folks at the Postbank: Guys, I don't use your bank for fun. I use it to keep my money in a checking account and save a little for a rainy day, that's all. I have no interest in your attempts to forge a relationship with me, as you should have realised when I didn't even bring you flowers on the 20th anniversary of me opening my first account with you. If you want to make me a happy customer, you can begin by not trying to railroad me into switching to your online banking service, by paying interest above the level of inflation on savings accounts, and... oh, here's a good suggestion: by not charging me for services you used to offer for free. I swear, when the time comes I can impress my grandnephews and grandnieces with the hardships I used to undergo in the olden days like the Yorkshiremen in that Monty Python sketch, "... but on the other hand, bankin' were free" will be the punchline to every last one of the yarns I spin at them.

But the way things are going, I'm likely to overcome my inertia and switch to a real bank any day now. Except it may be hard getting a credit card from any other bank with the income I have now. Damn.

Of course, it could be that they're all as bad, anyway. Do other Dutch banks spam your mailbox with silly offers and Content-Free magazines? Are they all in a race to the bottom to see who can cut their services and increase charges the most for services that used to be free? Are there any left in the Netherlands that offer proper interest on small-scale savings accounts?


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