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Update to the previous

After reading up on the mouse problem early this afternoon, I concluded that a clean reinstall was my best bet, so after backing up my remaining files (tip: K3b is useless if you don't have a mouse, but the CD burning software within the Gnome file manager Nautilus is accessible), I did that. Unfortunately, I mistook having planned to back up my email and profiles for actually having backed them up, so I lost a lot of email and passwords. Not that I expect to miss it much, but if I don't respond to that urgent message you sent me yesterday, this is why.
The clean install did solve a lot. I now have two working mice, Internet and a scanner. Kopete, the messaging client, works properly for the first time in a year. Oh, and I can finally watch Xvid videos in Kaffeine, something that eluded me for years. Not that that worked out of the box, mind you, but I could compile everything I needed from source because I had a clean system with lots of development software already installed, and good, detailed instructions.
The only thing I haven't got to work yet is the TV card. So it's likely that I'll be watching Doctor Who on torrented Xvid files again.


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