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Projects update

Here's my status on the ongoing projects:

Headsmen minicomic: Still ongoing, but delayed. Only 15 people signed up so it's not a commercially viable project. I will need to make the book anyway, for the donors who made it possible for me to write and draw Headsmen, but it's going to have a lower priority.

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan the webcomic: Buffered until the seventeenth twentyfifth of May. Progressing at a rate of 2-6 episodes daily, depending on available time.

Chronicles of the Witch Queen: Hoping to be able to restart it in May. Probably not on May 1, though. Thinking of including the series in the transcription project.

Transcription project: Almost 1000 episodes are now transcribed, with special thanks to reader Andrew Hecker. About 200 Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan episodes to go before the work is done, plus the side-comics and maybe the Chronicles of the Witch Queen stuff.

Gang of 4: All comics for the season have been done. I'm thinking of putting this season's episodes online with a bit of a delay and of doing some web exclusives, probably adapted from rejected or abandoned scripts (the link goes to 3 episodes already online for a range of reasons). That would mean adding a proper website section for the comic as well, which it doesn't quite have yet. Also I still need to bill the publisher for the last episode.

Workshops: I finished a series in the library in Hoogkerk; there's another series in Selwerd scheduled for May. Now I'm doing active acquisition work to get more workshop gigs in the second half of the year.
I'm also thinking of doing a workshop or lecture for teenagers and adults specifically about webcomics. I've been doing webcomics non-stop for six years and I dare say I have a few experiences to share. Unlike the workshops I teach now, these would not include a practical section; it would be mostly me talking about topics such as digital tools, content management systems, good and bad working habits, mistakes I've made, mistakes I've avoided, my own successes and failures, and most importantly, targets and purposes. There'd be room for questioning and I might invite some people specifically as critical voices. I've got a venue in mind as well. I'll brainstorm on that a bit though, yet.

Work acquisition: I'll be spending a few mornings looking for magazines and publishers to send work to. I'll also be thinking about what to do with Gang of 4 and my work for Hello You! generally in the next few days. And next week, I'll start a project to kickstart my creativity a bit, because it needs it. More on that in a separate post.


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