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I have finished work on the old Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan storyline The Death Warrant. Of course, it's more than likely that some error should raise its head, but the fact that all images are uploaded and scheduled signifies some sort of closure for me. Barring any miscalculations coming to light over the next few weeks, the story will end on June 16.
And good riddance. I'm getting a bit fed up with publishing old work. I do want to get it over with, so I will run at least one and quite possibly two short stories from 1994: the definitely-scheduled one is The New Sheriff and the possibly, maybe, planned one is called Beards. Once I've published that one, I'll consider the bottom of the barrel duly scraped; there is more in the vaults, but you won't see it.
That does of course leave one long, old story hanging. The fourth long story, Koningsdrama, will not be published online in its current form. I have begun work on rewriting it and will redraw it in its entirety, just to bring what I feel is a weak story in its original form up to scratch. It's proceeding well, but it will be hard work.
The 10 updates of Sheriff will bring us to June 30. July 1 is the sixth anniversary of the continuous online publication of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan in English. A good time for a change. Starting July 1, I will stop publishing the comic on a fixed schedule. The new version of story no. 4, to be entitled King Groy, will be updated whenever I see fit to do so. If the result of that is that the comic appears to update 5 times a week, then that is good, but if entire weeks are missed, then that will just be the way it is.
The new version will be in colour, and it will be a step ahead of the last batch of new work I put online in January. I'm giving up regularity to ensure quality, something I've been far too reluctant to do in the past few years, and it shows in the uneven quality of the work especially after 2002. The fear that audiences would forget about me if I didn't update at least three times a week has been a strong motivator, but by now I've realised that that's not how it works. Readers do have longer memories, and for those that don't, there are notification services and RSS feeds. So in 2006, regular updates no longer look like the optimal strategy that they used to be in 2001. And I for one simply don't want to play that game anymore.


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