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More on the "King Groy" rewrite

I'm now getting into the meat and the guts of the rewrite of the final unpublished Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story. The rewrite involves the following:

  • Figure out the major and minor internal plot points (the external plot points are very simple to do: The political status quo is resolved, Duke Henry and Duchess Guðrún know and trust the Rogues, and Jodoque has met Kel and joined the gang). I now want to go back in time to slap the 1996 version of me around for allowing all the interesting plot points to happen off-stage.
  • Get rid of pointless goings-on to make more space for the interesting events to happen on-stage. This is easy; there are about six pages in the middle that can be scrapped entirely - that's over two weeks worth of updates at the current schedule, not that I intend to stick to that schedule.
  • Replace most of the actual mechanism for the resolution of the story, reducing complexity and reliance on magic. This may involve killing several of my darlings from the story, including, for those of you who have read it, the Object-Oriented Magic bit and the transformations.
  • Add stronger motivation for the villains' actions, and add suspense by putting more at stake for the Rogues.
  • Write some extra scenes in which we actually get to see Jodoque as a jester. Because he's been doing bugger-all of that since joining the gang, and yet the readers are to believe that he is a jester. This Will Not Do.

It's going pretty fast now, but writing actual scenes will take a couple more days. Once I get to that, I expect it will be very easy.


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