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Runner's high and powerpop

I've been running in a club setting for three months straight now, and I continue to be amazed at the ways it affects me. Initially, I would veg out after a training, unable to do much of anything at all. After a few weeks, I started giving myself simple chores to do, such as taking out the trash. Slowly, I started doing more stuff in the hours between training and bedtime.
Last Monday, I wasn't exhausted from the training at all. This was only partly due to my progress as a runner; there had been an event the Saturday before so the training was a bit lighter than usual. There was also a new trainer being shown the ropes. In any case, when Sidsel suggested going to Vera to see The New Pornographers, I checked out a song sample on their website, and agreed to go.
Little did I know that I was not only not exhausted — I was high! Throughout the show, I was flying. The New Pornographers, at least in concert, have a high-octane, driving rock rhythm section with a very strong classic rock feel, so it was right up my alley. The poppy tunes, with vocal leads being shared by a guy whose stage persona looked vaguely like Bryan Adams in his good days - before hogging the charts for months on end with the schmaltzy Everything I Do I Do It For You - and a (new) girl with a cute, high voice and matching stage persona, made it even better. I bought their latest CD, Twin Cinema but haven't sat down to listen to it from beginning to end; I just plunked the whole lot onto my hard drive to be played in random rotation with the rest of my collection. What I've heard indicates that they're a lot less rocky on disc — isn't that always the way? Some bands just need to put out live albums.
I still don't know how much my judgement of the concert was affected by the runner's high, but I do know that lately I've been a lot more positive about things, and better able to enjoy myself. I may feel like shit on the day after a training, and Tuesday was no exception, but the overall trend is up. Plus, people are beginning to notice that I look different.
One thing's for sure, that buzz I got on Monday beat all drugs I've tried, ever. Not that I have that much experience in that area, but getting drunk or (bleagh) stoned just doesn't compare.


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