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Loituma memage

Ever since I first saw the Finnish group Värttinä live at a local festival in 1994-ish, I've had these periodic outbursts of listening to Finnish and other Scandinavian music. I've got several compilations of the stuff as well as albums by Värttinä, Hedningarna, Annbjørg Lien and my long-term favorite of the bunch, Gjallarhorn. *)
Looks like I'll be in for another burst of Scando-mania, because one band that I was familiar with from the Northside compilations (which are a good starting point as they are, in their own words, cheaper than food), Loituma, have recently gone viral. Everyone and their dog is linking to either the live performance of "Levan Polkaa" or the Loop from the song used in an animation of an anime character twirling a leek. It makes about as much sense as the O RLY owl, but at least it has a very catchy tune.
Can't find any Loituma on iTunes, alas. They're pretty good. Note the bass voice in the leek-twirling version going "Pol-ka, pol-ka" throughout. I prefer looking at the singers at work, though.

*) I also like a range of Scandinavian rock and metal groups. There are more of those around than ever and they're often a lot more interesting than their Anglo-American counterparts. I'd ask what they put in the water up there if I didn't already know that the answer was "vodka".


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