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Another "King Groy" update

A slight change from my original plan: I'm now going to stagger the writing work a bit. I will develop the first half or so of the story into a drawable script with page and panel divisions, so I have something to draw while working on the second half. This allows me to take some cues from where the art takes me, and makes scheduling the work easier. I expect to start drawing it in June. "King Groy" will be about as long as Guðrún was. That story didn't have a typed script at all, so I expect I'll be able to keep things organised and making sense throughout the project.
In the latest revisions, the material I kept from the original version from 1997 has been cut and shrunk and filled out again with new material. I'm looking for economy of action, something which was very lacking in the original.
Adam is settling into his role as script editor very well. He gets to see everything I write and often when I'm stuck with something I'll just blather at him in IRC. If he comes up with an suggestion I consider it; if not, I'll often think of something myself. He has a preference for low farce that I don't always want to indulge, but he is good at picking out bits that don't work, and he's especially good at pointing at unnecessary exposition.
Adam's influence opens one rather wriggly can of worms. For the original version, Geir Strøm performed a similar function. I didn't involve him as early in the process as I did with Adam (if I had, the story would have ended up being better and I would not have had to do this rewrite at all), but I did ask him for help when I'd written myself into a corner. The good suggestions he provided me with then earned him a co-writing credit for Koningsdrama, but it looks like all his contributions will be gone in King Groy. So Geir pulls the short straw. And here I am still not working on getting the Chronicles of the Witch Queen site running again. Nevertheless, I still want to acknowledge his work on the original. I'm not quite sure how to do that but I'll think of something.

On a related note:
One reason I have not abandoned following the Doctor Who fan communities is that I think I can learn from what people say about the scripts. So far, in series 2 I've liked the writing in 4 of the 5 stories, which is pretty good. But just like with any other aspect of the stories, I will find in the fan communities diametrically opposed opinions on the scripts. There are people who think that the writer of Rise of the Cybermen (er, the episode, not the blog post - that was written by me) was a blithering idiot, and if such criticism is backed up well, that will help me learn to spot flaws in my own writing as well as that of the Who writers.


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