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Blogplug: LGFWatch on the Hirsi Ali affair

Like Martin Wisse, I've been greatly enjoying the Hirsi Ali affair. My take on it is similar to Martin's, although I am a little more sympathetic to Ayaan Hirsi Ali herself: I believe her heart was always in the right place, she was sincere in her struggle for the emancipation of women in Muslim countries and women immigrants from those countries, and she deserves better than to become the American Enterprise Institute's token black, feminist liberal. I do think her choice of the AEI leaves one with the impression that she's a lot less smart than she's made out to be, but then again I don't think she ever had much of a grasp on any issues other than the one she's closely associated with.
Rita Verdonk, on the other hand, has once again proven that instead of the steadfast maintainer of strict rules that her followers see in her, she's weak, incompetent and flip-flopping. She was against Hirsi Ali's citizenship before she was for it, then against it again, and now that Prime Minister Balkenende has told her to be for it, she's for it again. You heard that right: Balkenende of all people gave the so-called Iron Lady a big ol' smackdown. I'm respecting him a little more already. Praise the Lord and pass the popcorn.
I do wonder when all those other VVD parliamentarians and ministers who knew in 2002 that Hirsi Ali didn't have a valid Dutch citizenship will resign.

If you're living abroad, don't speak Dutch and want factual, accurate reporting on the whole affair, you could do a lot worse than to go to LGF watch for coverage and translations from the Dutch media. While their use of the facts as a club to beat Little Green Footballs and its rabid commentariat over the head with gets a bit old... ah, who am I kidding. That never gets old. In any case, LGFWatch, with the help of its correspondents, presents a reasonably accurate picture of the circumstances surrounding Hirsi Ali and Verdonk, as well as a good critique of the misrepresentations in certain right-wing blogs.
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