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Work update

I've applied for a day job. If I get it, it will mean a further slowdown of production on Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, but a massive improvement in living standards for me. Which I need, right now.
What it won't affect is the quality of the work. I've done some of my best comics while working full-time at a day job and spending two hours a day commuting, and some appalling work when I had nothing to do but write and draw ROCR.

The Guðrún remasters are now part of the Chronicles of the Witch Queen project. That means newly-remastered pages will first be shown on that site, instead of continuing from where I left off last time I tried to remaster Guðrún (the last remastered page was this one).

Chronicles of the Witch Queen will resume real soon now. Pages are uploaded and scheduled. Two storylines will run simultaneously: one on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; one on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Expect a full announcement, or rather a barrage of announcements, a day or so before the series start.

The new/old Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story King Groy is still being written. I haven't actually worked on it all week, but that's because I needed some time off from it so I could look at it afresh afterwards. Almost ready to continue, and if I don't get the day job, I'll start drawing it in the first week of June. I still won't commit to picking a date for the serialisation to start, though.

I'll be meeting with the editors at Hello You! on June 1. We'll discuss plans and concepts for the next season, so it would be good if I came up with some before then. Or at least decide on whether I'll be able to write another 10 episodes of Gang of 4. But I have felt that way every year since I started working for Hello You! and I've come up with the goods every time. Eventually.

The transcription effort plods along quite nicely, now at a rate of three or four a day. Over 1100 comics are now transcribed, and I've noticed that people are using the search functionality more. Most of the work is done by me, but that's OK. I'm grateful for every bit of assistance that I get.

Mithandir has added some updates to WillowCMS to cope with the ever-increasing flood of comment spam. These have reduced the problem to what it was a month ago, but I fear in the future more far-reaching measures will be needed. That's being worked on, simply because Mith needs content-based filtering on his own site, which is getting spammed by zombie networks. I've got a few spam-fighting ideas floating around in my head myself, based on my loose analysis of the spam that makes it through the existing filters, but at this point these ideas are pretty half-baked so I won't bother you with them.


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