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Damn! Pre-empted by Apple

I'd been thinking about something along these lines, although I'd come to it from the opposite direction: rather than adapting music selection to your workout, I was considering adapting my workouts to my music selection. After all, the default running order on an album is often very formulaic: heavy metal, for example, albums typically start with a fast track (though long, slow keyboard intros are also common, but these are often developed into up-tempo tracks anyway) followed by fairly predictable tempo changes, with longer, slower pieces at the two-thirds point before picking up the pace again. A lot of my favorite metal LPs from the 1970s and 1980s are just under 40 minutes wrong, which is a good length for running if you play something else during your warming-up. It should be possible to design a "Running With Metal" type workout that allows you to exercise various aspects of running while also letting you listen to the record in the order the artists intended. Other genres would also work, though not necessarily for running.

But I like the way Apple wants to do this too. Let the iPod push me to my limits.


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