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The Idiot's Lantern

"The Idiot's Lantern" didn't suck as much as I expected it would. In fact I found it rather entertaining. The idea of an alien intelligence taking over the world through a familiar object in every home, while not original, works. But... we've seen it before in the past two series, and this particular instance of it wasn't the best. I don't quite know why, to be honest. The script was mostly clever, allowing space for a subplot but keeping that secondary, just for once, to following our heroes as they got on with the job of saving the world. The subplot itself, with its social realism, was a bit pat, but not distractingly so, although the teenaged boy character's long monologue made me cringe a little. The 1950s setting looked good, the direction was strong and we finally got to see Rose acting like something other than a complete idiot again. Good to have you back, Rose, now let's not let that annoying emo pod-person take over your brain again. But something about it left me a bit meh.

Verdict: Good, but I get the feeling the creators are running out of new ideas.

Next week: Attack of the Chthulhus, God help me. I just might find something else to do next Saturday.


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