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Resting the muscles

Today marks the start of a week off from running. It just so happens that next weekend is the pentecostal holidays which mean that neither the club nor the Loopschool Groningen are giving any trainings, but I also need to take some time out. I feel like I have plateaued, although if I think about it rationally, I probably haven't. I'm keeping up with the best runners among the crowd that joined at the same time as I did, and I can tell from doing the strength exercises week after week that I'm getting stronger, but it doesn't feel as well as it should. Also, several muscles in my leg are sore and a bit stiff. A week off will make them very happy. So, anyone for a beer this weekend?
It is natural for this sort of plateauing to happen. I expect that by next Wednesday I'll be chomping at the bit again. Actually, I'll probably get a bit twitchy by Monday, but part of the discipline of doing any sport is making yourself stick with the plan. Time out is what I've prescribed for myself, so time out is what I'll have.


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