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All in all, fortune smiles

The tendon on the outside of my right ankle hurts, and has done so for two weeks. My doctor has told me to take it easy with the running until it's better, and replace my running shoes. Luckily, the pool is really quite inviting with the recent weather.

I have written a four-pager for an anthology of cartoonists from Groningen, and partly drawn it. It initially looked like I wasn't going to get it ready in time for the deadline, but it now turns out that that deadline, despite what it said in the call for submissions, wasn't entirely set in stone, so I might still get it done in time. The comic itself has a nice me-in-1998 vibe to it, which I like. I drew a lot of great short comics that year, things that I can still look at now and think "yeah, that was all right".
Writing on next season's Gang of 4 is also progressing well. I've got a loose first gag idea, and I've done the necessary ground work of refining the characters to make them more distinct from one another. It looks like this year, sparks will fly between Amber and Ruben in particular. I like that and am very interested to see where that goes. That took about an hour and a half, so at that rate I'll have a lot of the season scripted by the end of next week. I'll try to have at least several episodes and a good overview of the story arc.
I have also storyboarded the first draft of a crossover between Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and The Bare-Pit, in a way that sets a minor ROCR character up for her own comic series, should I choose to do that. I'll send the script to Bare-Pit creator Stephen so he can check if I've written the characters right.
I have money in the bank, somehow. A week ago, I was €100 in the red and worrying about when that was going to be made up. Now, at least two of my workshop clients appear to have paid me, keeping me in the black for a few more weeks.
I have been invited for a job interview at a local software localisation firm! I'd more or less given up on that, but presumably their initial batch of candidates didn't turn out so well in interviews.

On balance:
Hear me roar.


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