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Job interview

I'm one of three candidates for a rather well-paid translator's job in Groningen. Today, I had the job interview, my first "proper" job interview in five years, for the first non-comics job I applied for in five years. I'll have to do a trial translation for them, and on the basis of that, the company will decide who gets the job.

It's full-time and likely to be demanding, so it will have an impact on my work in webcomics, or comics in general. Now may be a good time to approach me about doing Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan guest comics - it's actually been a while.

I'm not going to name the company or go into detail about the kind of work or the sort of clients the company has. Let's talk about ties instead! I'm always a bit embarrassed by the fact that I don't know how to tie a tie without detailed instructions including diagrams. But considering that Googling for "How to tie a tie" returns many results from websites specialising in just that, it's probably not rare or something to be ashamed of at all.

I actually sort of like wearing a tie, a couple of times a decade. But I haven't quite found out how to wear one comfortably. Without the tie, my suit would actually be the most comfortable combination of clothing I own - certainly better than jeans. Unfortunately, the tie, so far, spoils the whole deal. But then it may just be my own shameful! incompetence at tieing it.

I found the job interview experience extremely tiring, even though this one wasn't exactly a third degree. It was all very pleasant, with the owner/director doing most of the talking. Nevertheless, the preparation for the interview, and the interview itself have taken it out of me. I'm knackered.


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