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Feral (A post by Adam)

Today Reinder and I threshed out the next RoCR plot, Feral, from my memories of the last revision (now lost), and, during the discussion that ensued, well... it was one of those wonderful productive periods in which everything suddenly comes together. All of a sudden this script, which I had thought was a little thin but very well executed, started gaining depth, themes, and then suddenly, minor subplots bloomed. Exciting new plots burst forth from them, and locked in perfectly with the rest of the script. What were odd coincendences before suddenly began resonating, and they were right and they were how the plot should be. Characters revealed hidden depths as we explored why they'd be motivated to do various things. It was one of those vastly productive days that make being a script editor so immensely rewarding, and all was good.

...In short, the next RoCR storyline may be a while off yet, but it will be well worth the delay.


Addendum by Reinder: Yes, it was that good. If I smoked, I'd have needed a cigarette after that. And it won't be that long before I get around to drawing it.


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