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ROCR reviewed at Clickburg

René van Densen reviews Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan at the Clickburg forums. The review, in Dutch, is pretty favorable - not quite glowing and definitely not uncritical, but I for one got a positive vibe out of it. Positive things highlighted include the world-building, the "subtle, intelligent humour" and the formal play found in the many stylistic and narrative approaches over the years. Critical notes are struck concerning the pacing and the tendency to nitpick, and as with many other reviews, the frequent nudity in the stories is given a brief, neutral mention. Oh, and I need a better tagline for the site.

My pioneering role in webcomics is also brought up - I tend to downplay that these days because it makes me feel like one of those old-timers in the Lucky Luke comics, but in this case, the review mentions that I'm still keeping an eye on new developments, which neatly balances that aspect out.


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