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Changes at Modern Tales.

After a long wait, Modern Tales has finally changed to its new codebase and editorial formula. Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan is featured as part of the "Strip Lounge" section, meaning that the comics that were on Modern Tales before October, 2005 can now be read on Modern Tales for free, by anyone.
Yes, I do intend to start updating there again. As soon as I get the hang of the new control panel and have some time to catch up.

Joey Manley on the changes and the reasons for them.

Update: Well, the new backend seems to insert new installment blocks in the right places, which is quite a relief if I'm to sort the archival updates of the past year in the correct order. And it also looks like inserting new installment blocks results in a logical navigation between installment blocks, which is another thing that I was wary of. I have added Alchemists to the archives, and it's preceded by the now obsolete Introduction*) and followed by Headsmen.

There still isn't an easy, obvious way to create whitespace between images - the expectation is that creators create large margins within their images, which leaves me with a bit of a problem as I prefer not to do that. I'm from the days of severe bandwidth constraints, and still prefer not to waste it for no good reason. Still, I suppose some CSS code in a location where it technically doesn't belong will fix this for the time being.

I'd also like some better chapter organisation. Compare the Table of Contents for ROCR on Modern Tales to the Table of Contents on the main ROCR site, and keep in mind that I think the latter is itself already too "flat", as in not hierarchical enough, and too long. At the very least, there should be a way to organise Chapters into Storylines, and for very long-running comics, it should be possible to organise Storylines into Books or Arcs (which is what I'm thinking of doing for my own Table of Contents).

*) Note to people reading this months from now: Eventually, the Introduction chapter will disappear as it has from the main ROCR site, to be replaced by The Green Knight's Belt.


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