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Green Knight's Belt at Modern Tales

OK, I've speeded up my schedule for bringing the ROCR archives at Modern Tales up to date, and uploaded The Green Knight's Belt today. Two reasons:

1. Much to my own surprise, Modern Tales is still a big deal to me. It's a prominent comics site that I'm proud of being a part of.

2. I need to be well-mirrored as a hedge against hackers, script kiddies or the website going down for no good reason at all. ROCR.net is under almost constant attack. So is Modern Tales, but the odds of them both buckling under at the same time are small.
(Today, by the way, there's a likely attack in progress focusing on the reinderdijkhuis.com domain, which points to rocr.net. The symptom is a very large number of pageviews from one IP, over a period that's far too short for any human reader to read as many pages as are being requested. It may be innocuous, a new web crawler sucking up pages, or someone speed-downloading the site for offline reading, but I'm watching it with suspicion. Only damage so far is that it buggers up my statistics, but the behaviour shown could be merely reconnaissance for a real hack. Yes, I'm paranoid. I have reasons.)

The data entry on Modern Tales is easy, but tedious, so I won't do The Death Warrant before tonight. I'm gonna spend the afternoon switched off in the sweltering heat.


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