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Now that the Modern Tales relaunch is off the ground, there's finally some movement on the Adultwebcomics front.

AdultWebcomics.com is seeking submissions of one-panel cartoon gags, ongoing comic strips, graphic novels, and short stories in sequential art form, in the genres of sexual humor and/or erotica.

AdultWebcomics is the newest project from some of the people who brought you Modern Tales and Webcomics Nation. Because of certain limitations imposed on those sites by some of our business partners, we are unable to host "mature" content on our other, currently more-famous sites. AWC is meant to work around those limitations by providing cartoonists with an uninhibited playground, where the fine scatological and erotic traditions of cartoon art can be honored and extended. We are looking for the best of the best in the genre.

In other words, send us the stuff that's too "hot" for Modern Tales — or for our competitors, for that matter (all of whom have similar restrictions on adult content).

AdultWebcomics only seeks a non-exclusive right to post your work on our website. This means that the material may also appear elsewhere on the web — on your own website, or on a portal, or anywhere else you choose to put it — at the same time it appears at AdultWebcomics.com.

Submissions should be sent to: adultwebcomics@gmail.com

It's surprisingly difficult to build a business on adult (as in erotic, pornographic or containing sexual humour) webcomics. The potentially greater mass appeal is off-set by a much larger number of obstacles the adult-oriented cartoonist finds in his way: mainstream, non-porn advertisers are less likely to want to work with you, credit card companies insist on having you pay punitive rates, online payment providers find themselves acting as proxies for the credit card companies and either forcing you to pay punitive rates themselves or refusing to do business with you outright. This is the reason why AWC:
a) exists at all - having adult webcomics on webcomicsnation would cause the entire service to be treated as an adult content site; and
b) morphed from being a web service provider like webcomicsnation to being an edited, but not subscription-based website similar to the free parts of Modern Tales. I don't quite remember the details - and some of them came up in private discussion groups that I oughtn't to quote from anyway - but there were additional risks associated with not having an editor stand between the contributors and the website.

Nevertheless, it's about to be launched now, and could provide opportunities for webcartoonists who like to draw more risqué, sexy material.


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