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Things I learned in the past 24 hours

1. When sports journalists write that Floyd Landis bonked in Wednesday's climbing stage, they mean the second meaning of the word. Not the first, which you have to admit would have been something to see.

2. Because the internet is not for geeks anymore*), it is no longer safe to use symbols like "!=" in a public discussion. Especially one about events in the Middle East. For the record, I do not believe that Lebanon is in any way similar to Afghanistan, and rather thought that that was such a blindingly obvious point that I was unprepared to make more than a minimal effort in putting it in writing. That's one mistake I won't soon make again, obviously.

*) Which in most contexts is very much a good thing, if only because geek triumphalism is a distasteful thing to have to witness. But having spent quite a bit of effort, back in the day, on learning the language, I now have to adjust to situations where using it gets me into trouble, which is a bit of a bummer.


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