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Commision Carson Fire

While looking for more blogospheric criticism of Day by Day (it's been one of those days), I found a mention of Carson Fire's Winger on Alicublog, of all places, read the comments, followed one link to the comic and found out that Carson's behind with his rent again. So far, I've avoided linking to Winger or mentioning it in this blog for any reason, because even to denounce it would cause compulsive rubberneckers to waste their time on it. But I like Cars's other work, especially Elf Life, and while we haven't spoken in quite a while, I still don't like the idea of him being turned out of his home. He's taking commissions sending bonus artworks to people donating $20 or more. Perhaps a bunch of readers could club together to pay him for new Elf Life updates? Just a thought.


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