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My tax refund came in, so I've been doing some long-delayed spending. Most of it was on mundane stuff like towels and underpants, but some of it was on more interesting items such as Flight # 3 (which I haven't read yet but I've looked at it with googly eyes), and new running shoes.
Buying running shoes is rather less of a chore than buying regular shoes. One fun part of it, at least when buying at Runner Hardloopcentrum in Groningen (I really wouldn't know about any other store anywhere), is testing shoes on a treadmill and getting your running movements filmed. This time around, I was showing a little more pronation on my right, injured foot than in a similar test in January, but what struck me most was how my calves looked.
You know, I've always been against putting photographs of myself on my website, mainly out of a desire to avoid scaring small children, the elderly or the infirm. But I just might add a picture of my calves to my bio page some time. Those are good calves. Me likes.


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