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48 hours without comment spam, and other stuff.

Thanks to some changes and improvements to WillowCMS's commenting system implemented by Mithandir over the weekend, the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan website has now been free of comment spam for over 48 hours, as has Mith's own site. Allow me to take some time to gloat and flip spammers everywhere the bird in an obnoxious manner.

... right. Mith has improved the content-based scoring system, added the ability to close individual entries for comments, made changes to the comment key system and added a little honeypot for spammers to fall into. None of these measures will work forever, but for now, it's looking pretty good. So far, legitimate comments to the site are getting through, but if you have a problem commenting, email me.

Even failed spam attempts can cause problems for the site, because they use up resources and pollute the usage statistics, so I will want to install Bad Behavior on the site. But that's not too urgent right now.

Meanwhile, the heatwave has finally broken. I can actually concentrate! The 24-Centigrade temperature actually registers as a slight chill now. I can remember as a child that I'd consider a day like today a fine, hot summer day...

I'm looking for ways to spend my tax refund! I've already done the routine of buying stuff I needed but couldn't afford to spend money on, and there's still a decent amount left. First priority will be stuff that benefits my work in comics, including advertising. I've asked this before, but considering how quickly the online landscape can change, I'll ask it again: if you know a good online publication for me to advertise on, please let me know. I have a few hundred Euros to spend on this. I prefer advertising within the existing webcomics community, but am willing to consider outreach-style advertising if the venue looks promising.


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