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Another gallery update

Some more recent additions to my gallery. All Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan-related artworks contain mild spoilers about the general direction of the next story, but no major ones just yet.

Feiht from Chasing the Sunset, drawn partly as gift art, partly for the cast page.
Shireen, a minor character from the next ROCR story.
The Feral, another character from the next ROCR story.
Brother Bartlemew, A Monk. From the next ROCR story.
Size comparison drawing for Kel and the Feral.
Ragnarok with a new outfit and hair style.

Looking at these drawings I can't help but notice that I've been drawing very simple, basic poses lately. That's not a bad thing for art intended to demonstrate what a character looks like, and I find it encouraging that I can draw those simple standing poses, enjoy it, and not end up with something completely boring. For the sake of keeping myself interested in the longer run, I'll need to build on this, work in more complex poses and more elaborate backgrounds, but for now, this is not a bad way to get started on cranking out more output. When the comic starts in earnest, in two weeks, I'll need to be able to work fast again.


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