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Guest series at The Bare-Pit

I'm doing a guest series at The Bare-Pit called "Incognito". It involves my character Abúi, getting lost in 21st-Century Australia and trying to blend in in a human environment. The story is a sort of sequel to Abúi's appearance in Chasing the Sunset, which still hasn't ended. That's webcomic crossovers for ya.
The Bare-Pit is a comic about nudists, set at an Australian naturist resort, and is probably the only consistently good fiction with a nudist setting. It's been fun for me to borrow Noodtoonist Stephen's characters and setting for a while. The comic normally updates two or three times a week, but will update on weekdays for the duration of "Incognito", which will be ten installments in total.

I've been very busy both at trying out new concepts and at getting the next Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story going. In the next few days I'll be posting sneak previews of Feral on my DeviantArt, so be careful to watch that. There are some new character and costume drawings up there as well.


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