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Gogol Bordello at Noorderzon

Yesterday, I went to see Gogol Bordello at Noorderzon. Now, I could write a review, but why should I, if I can show you what they're like?

Gogol Bordello live on the Jimmy Kimmel show last March

YouTube eliminates the need for reviews, or indeed basic literacy.

I think I mentioned last year that the free music stage at Noorderzon is at one end of a pond, so the bands play facing a body of water. Which in Gogol Bordello's case meant that they couldn't do this:
Percussionist, dancer and human stage prop Pamela and singer Eugene Hütz crowdsurfing on a bass drum, with poor sound
but they did get a number of people fired up enough to jump into the pond. The strange setup does create some problems: if you want to be involved in the gig, the closest spots to the stage are to the sides of the pond, where the sound is too loud and pretty unbalanced, whereas the best sound can be enjoyed at other end of the pond, where you can't see the musicians all that well.

Performing "Not A Crime" on Later with Joolz Holland

Most of the Gogol Bordello material available on YouTube has poor sound and video quality but this clip from British TV is all right. It's time they put out a professionally shot concert DVD though.


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