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Next on rocr.net

I have one more bonus piece for the Keenquest/Even in Arcadia storyline. It's another comic originally made for the The Pantheon website. After that, I will run "Roadworks Goblins", a short story I made for an anthology book that's about to come out in September. It's not a Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story — it's more related to the Little Cottage in the Woods stories I made with Geir a few years ago.

After that, I hope to fill a few days with a short ROCR story while also buffering for the next proper ROCR storyline, "Feral". The art for the first few pages is very labour-intensive, so I need a little more time to create a nice buffer, even with the schedule moving back to Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
"But wait," I hear you ask, "Didn't you say you weren't going to do the regular schedule thing anymore once you got back to doing new material?" I think I did, but I've changed my mind. Let me tell you what happened last week.

I was trying to write the next Gang of Four page for Hello You! magazine. I spent two days practically dozing in front of my iBook, then at 3 PM on Thursday, my editor asked me when she could expect the script, so she could send it to the language corrector before she went on holiday. So I took a deep breath, made tea, sat down on the studio balcony with my sketchbook, and wrote it in ten minutes.

I need deadlines. Without them, I go slack and become easily distracted. For a while, I was burned out on producing to a deadline, and it was a relief to just publish old material for a year and a half. But now it's time to jump back in the grind.
"Feral" will be produced on a deadline, but it will have to be a realistic, reachable one. To make this possible, I'm delaying the story's start a little, but I am also joining the second edition of the Lazy Grind, a competition among webcartoonists to see who can update on a thrice-weekly schedule the longest without missing an update. That starts on September 11, leaving me with four days' worth of updates on the old schedule to fill between the end of "Roadworks Goblins" and the start of "Feral". The comic will update on those days.

That's the state of things for now. Do take care to read my guest storyline at The Bare-Pit, Geir and Daniel's Alcydia and Abúi's misadventures in the world of Chasing the Sunset.


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