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Oh yeah, the apocalypse. Totally didn't happen yesterday, did it?

It says on the blog's home page that we're supposed to write about the impending apocalypse, and I'll admit it. I've been remiss in my duties. This is because I don't read wingnut blogs, preferring to read material by writers who aren't completely out of their minds.
Apparently, "Islam scholar" Bernard Lewis predicted that August 22 would herald the return of the hidden Imam and that Ahmadinejad would start nuking the rest of the world that day. Or something like that; like I said, I can't be arsed to read that sort of thing, and predictions of the End Of The World look extra-insane the day after the announced date. But Jim Henley got a nice riff out of it:

I experienced the carnage first-hand. This morning on the Washington Beltway a guy drove really slow in the left lane - right in front of me. Couldn't have been going over 50.

I was as resolute in refusing to be cowed by this unprovoked Iranian aggression as I was enraged at the fecklessness of our leaders, who failed to preempt the outrage by launching a major and of course purely defensive war on the Islamic Republic.

But where the craven Bush Administration and its puppeteers on the decadent Left fail America, the blogosphere can fill the void. We are fighting this war too, no less than the meeting planners at the think tanks and the guests on talk shows and the dumpers of fluids into airport bins. So I'm offering this blog item as a sharing - and yes, healing - place. Each of you, please tell us how you coped with the Day of Dodecahedral Doom. Whether acolytes of the Twelfth Imam cut in front of you at Au Bon Pain or put you on hold without asking or failed to note that your blog linked something before any other blogs you happened to notice, no enormity is too, well, enormous, for us to bear, together...

I'd like to add that I was feeling a bit sleepy all day that day, presumably as a result of mind rays from the Twelfth Imam sapping my mental strength. Also, all the good reading matter in my studio had been mysteriously replaced by Bob & Bobette albums, all of which sucked except a very early one that had... get this... muslims as the supporting characters. If that isn't a sign of a conspiracy I don't know what is.

I apologise for my lack of attention to matters eschatological. I'll pay more attention next time.


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