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I did not sign this!

Just got an email to my gmail address thanking me for signing a petition entitled "Save Salem's Sweetheart which apparently supports the return of some soap star I've never heard of to some soap opera TV program I've never heard of. The petition does in fact have my name at the signature number the email said it would be at.
For the record: I did not sign that. I don't believe in Internet positions and tend to yell at people who forward email encouraging me to sign one. I think I may have signed something in support of the EFF or something like that in the past, but as a rule I don't touch these things with a ten-foot pole. The apparent ease with which my name and email were added to this petition rather confirms my suspicion of them.
I wonder if this is some clever scheme to make me contact the website the petition is on, give up my personal details to them to have my signature removed, or otherwise put myself in virtual harm's way. Does this sort of thing happen a lot?

Update: Bo Lindbergh points out that the other names on the petition include a Lea, a Shaenon, a Dorothy, an Amber, and a Dirk. This suggests that someone's been pranking current and former Modern Tales cartoonists. Iiiiinteresting...


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