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Consumerist dreams

Last night I dreamed of buying not one, but two Macintosh computers. A desktop and a laptop. No, really.

In the non-dreaming world, I have less income than I've had since 2002, and I haven't exactly been rich in the mean time. Something needs to be done if I'm to make that dream, or similarly materialistic ones, a reality.

I might want to do one of those "extra updates for donations" things like the one Spike is doing. I don't know if they worked that well for her, but for all the talk of Templar, Arizona being WCN's break-out success, it's actually less popular than Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan is (ROCR is at the same level The Bare-Pit has been at these past two weeks while our cross-over was running), so I should stand a chance of doing at least as well as Spike has.


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