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Things that make you go 'Gods, not again'

1. Angela Merkel wants herself some God in the European constitution. Because, you know, the last time that idea was tried it was greeted universally with smiles and flowers and candy. I have nothing to add to Nosemonkey's comments on the matter, except this: I'm a long-time supporter of the idea of a European constitution, but I've voted against an appallingly bad implementation of that idea before and will do so again if our dear leaders fill it up with unnecessary and divisive guff again. Is it really so hard to come up with something on the American model? The US constitution takes an hour to read from the preamble to the end of the Bill of Rights, and that's if you read it carefully. Study it and emulate it - if anything make it simpler.
2. Ed Brayton cannae take it anymore, and quite rightly so: The "War on Christmas" season has started early this year, and we'll spend the next four months getting steaming piles of bullshit dropped down our chimney by America's mullahs. By the way, don't think you'll be safe from this if you live in the UK or the Netherlands: Stupidity is highly contagious, as both Education Minister Van der Hoeven's "openness" to Intelligent Design and the Daily Mail and Daily Express reporting that Andrew Rilstone analysed have shown.


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