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Joey Manley could use some help keeping the TAC forum spam-free

The Talk About Comics forums are once again being overwhelmed on a regular basis, by spambots hiding behind Telefonica's lack of real anti-spam policies. Telefonica de España does have an Acceptable Use Policy but to my knowledge, its enforcement is still a joke.
What Joey wants to know:

There's a flood of fake phpBB user sessions, coming from numerous different IP addresses, crashing the whole server every few hours.

Probably spambots.

Fellow admins: any thoughts on solving this?

Note that I tried my best to install bad behavior, but its header-pushing ways conflicted with sessions.php and page_header.php no matter what I tried.

A large number of the spambots seem to have IP addresses that resolved to:


I know that Reinder has banned an entire ISP or two before, but I don't know how to do this. Any help?

So if anyone can help him make Bad Behavior work on PHPBB and/or keep the varmints out through PHPBB's regular banning system, please drop him a line.

And I could use some fact-checking: Am I right in supposing that Telefonica de Espana are still as bad as ever when it comes to dealing with spam, or have they cleaned up their act in the past few years? I'll be doing my own research, but if you have ready knowledge, please contact me.


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