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Aaaand we've launched another new Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story. Devil could well be the year's earliest Halloween story - I needed a short filler storyline for this week, this is what came out, and I will not be able to schedule it closer to Halloween, because that wasn't what the story was for.

I haven't done a lot of two-pagers in my life. I prepared for this one by reading the first Gilles de Geus book, "De Spaanse Furie". Re-reading the two-pagers in that collection after many years made me realise that they were really very simple stories, and that's how this one turned out as well. Good. I've not been feeling well, so as a reader I appreciate the benefits of being able to turn my brain off for a while, more than I used to. Not that making this story didn't involve a great amount of mental effort, you'll understand.

"Devil" is set in the Gang's early days, some time after Headsmen. In a way, ROCR is now two comics - it's both the very traditional humorous adventure comic it started out as, and the more complex, epic comic the storylines of the past five or six years grew into. I like doing the big epics, but I also love revisiting the simpler world of the comic's early days.


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