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Seven Camels

Drawn points me to the Temple of the Seven Camels blog by Carson Van OstenMark Kennedy, which really is excellent. So, of course, are many things posted on Drawn, but this one caught my attention because it's actually telling me how to deal with problems that were bugging me while drawing yesterday.

The Lazy Grind has had an excellent effect on my motivation and productivity, but in the last two pages I drew I was beginning to find some rushedness creeping in. This shows not so much in declining ink quality (because my inks are always sloppy and take a lot of time to fix anyway) as in a slackness of design, especially the design of background characters. Following Van OstenKennedy's tips on proportion and asymmetry will help me create those extras fast without costing me that much more time.

Update: Misattribution corrected.


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