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Adventures in Banking update: The housing corp's rep called and waived the requirement for a deposit. He also explained that I was already getting preferential treatment as the corp usually asks for three months' worth of deposit. That would have been difficult for me to pay out of my bank balance, and a bank guarantee would have been a more proportional way of dealing with that. I was asked for just one month's worth because of my long residency in the studio as a co-tenant. So thanks to the folks at In Groningen for accomodating me.

I've started running again. Good news for those who wanted to see me take part in the 4 Mijl van Groningen, bad news for those who wanted to have me around in the Groningen 24-hour comic event. My first club training in several months went well although both my injuries began acting up a bit towards the end. I found last time around that a bit of pain at the end of a training is acceptable, as long as it doesn't get worse the next training.

My overall health, though, is not quite what it should be. Since that last flu I've had stomach and intestinal problems leading to a dramatically reduced appetite. I used to graze all the time while at the studio, but now even when the nausea abates, the brain doesn't get any signals requesting more food. I suppose I could stand to lose a few pounds, especially if I want to return to regular running, but undereating is the worst way to accomplish that. I'm also sleepier than I should be, again.

None of that is doing my paid work any good, nor my Lazy Grind buffer, which stands at 4 comics, with a fifth three quarters finished.

Adam asks me to mark my Not-Safe-For-Work posts like The Essential Bowdlerised Marvel, but where's the fun in that? Especially considering that most of my online body of work isn't work-safe anyway. I'd like to hear your opinion on this: reinder.dijkhuis@gmail.com.

Not brain-safe: There is worse poetry than that of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Wasp Court, Essex. And this has, apparently, been known for quite some time. I can see why those involved would want to keep it under wraps...


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