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EU doing what it's supposed to do, film at 11

Following on a theme established by Andrew Rilstone's posts on reporting in the UK newspapers the Daily Mail and the Daily Express, here's a post by Nosemonkey at the Sharpener:

Finally, in the (never-read) second-to-last paragraph, we get the real story:
“The decision replaces 25 national packaging rules and two EU directives on quantities with one single EU-wide law leaving packaging up to market forces”
So no more scare stories of our pints of milk or pounds of butter being under threat - perhaps even an end to the “metric martyrs” business - as all restrictions on how food is packaged are removed in one fell swoop. If this new law is passed and works properly, if the market calls for food to be sold in Imperial measures, food can be sold in Imperial measures. So, were the Metro to be slightly less rabid in its following of the Associated Newspapers anti-EU line, the story should perhaps have read “The EU does what it’s supposed to do, reducing pointless and restrictive food regulations and freeing up the market”. But as we all know from decades of reading anti-EU scare stories, Brussels NEVER cuts back on regulation. Oh no…


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