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You only think you hate "We Are The World"

Last week, while looking for more Kate rarities on YouTube, I found this: the worst charity single ever, with a train wreck of a video to match.

Spirit of the ...foooo-rest!
Somebody out there thought that giving each celeb one line to sing was a waste of lines, and faded each celeb out and the next one in after half a line. Somebody out there thought that actually writing a tune for the project was pointless - after all, once it's been at number one for sixteen weeks, everyone's going to hate it no matter how good it is, right? Oh, wait, it vanished without a trace? Why would that be?
Kate, by the way, does get a whole line and enough space to actually do some interpretation. Shows you how big a star she was at the time. She also gets the Michael Jackson treatment of being filmed separately from the other singers, but that may be because she recorded her bit at her own studio and refused to come out for the video shoot. Unfortunately, there are limits even to Kate Bush's godlike powers, and she can't redeem "Spirit of the Forest".

Kate has notoriously withdrawn from the public eye over the past twenty or so years, and exasperated fans have often wondered why. Perhaps it was to avoid being asked to take part in projects like this one. That's well worth becoming less famous for.


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