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Torchwood episode 1 and 2

I've seen a lot of negative response over the past few days to the start of the BBC's most overhyped new series, Torchwood. I blame the hype, because I just saw the first episode and found it perfectly engaging. It looked good, the script worked, and I easily found myself rooting for Gwen Cooper to get to the bottom of this Torchwood mystery, to remember what she found out and to get that job that she was inevitably going to get.

That last bit was the one thing that didn't quite gel - Gwen got over the nasty tricks that Jack Harkness pulled on her, and the trauma of what she saw in the climax, a little too easily. But it's easy to forgive that - she was going to get that job otherwise there wouldn't be a series.

What I especially liked was how the breakdown of Torchwood's internal discipline was constantly woven into the story, a breakdown that turned out to be essential to solving the framing plot. Nice work. If Russell T. Davies wrote this, I'd like to see more of that in that other over-hyped series next season.

Now, on to episode 2...

Update (several hours later): Episode 2, on the other hand, started out being bollocks and got ... bollockser. Shag gas over Cardiff? The "You've lost what it means to be human" speech already? And gah! Fertility clinic! You can't get away with that sort of thing even if you have written 40 minutes worth of decent plot before it. I disengaged within 10 minutes, so at that point, it had little more than train wreck appeal going for it, but that final coincidence made it a particularly ugly train wreck. The only thing that could have made it worse would have been if the girl had been saved by twue wuv, which I'm now being told was the case in the episode of The Outer Limits the writer of this tripe stole his plot from. So he gets points for improving on his source material, but his final score still ends up at minus several million.


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