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Out of the grind, plus call for guest list, items probably related

I am dropping out of the Lazy Grind. Starting on Tuesday, October 31, ROCR.net will run guest comics, starting with the ones that were posted to the old Comicgenesis site in 2001 and never posted on the new site.

Why drop out? And why now, with a day*) to spare before the next deadline?

Simple: while I love drawing new Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan pages, it's not sustainable for me to do so at the current schedule. When I came back to active production, I didn't count on the new pages taking me twice as long to draw as I used to need. And that's not counting the research I've been doing in preparation, or the many rewrites. I can't do it, and I'm dropping out of this marathon before I start puking and zigzagging all over the track.

I've started scheduling guest comics immediately, to make it impossible for me to change my mind. The guest comics will be posted daily, including weekends, and continue for about a month (I haven't made a full count yet). I'll try to re-buffer Feral while the guest comics run, but I'll have a lot on my plate in November, so I probably won't have enough buffer to resume at the old schedule. Thanks to the advanced archiving features in WillowCMS, though, I will be able to shuffle the guest comics around so people reading the story a year from now won't have their reading interrupted by a month-long run of guest comics.

I would like to finish off the guest month with some new guest comics, by the way. If you are an artist or writer, I invite you to submit guest art or comics by first contacting me at reinder.dijkhuis@gmail.com so I can give you a deadline (count on having at least until November 25), and then sending in a comic when it's due. Easy, eh? I'm pretty open-minded about what I will allow on my website and have been mercilessly mocked in guest comics by other cartoonists before, as you will see as the re-runs progress, but I do reserve the right to refuse material that's hateful, too violent, obscene or simply appallingly bad. Not that I've used that right in the past few guest events. I've got one new guest comic penciled in already and two cartoonists who have contributed before have been making noises about sending in new ones.

Finally, I won't be disappearing while the guest comics run. I will be around to work on at least one fun project related to ROCR that should be easier to draw than Feral has been, and I'll also post sidecomics from time to time.

*)Actually, more than two days, as the Lazy Grind's rules allow you to post up to the end of the day of update itself. However, I don't want to do that - the comic has to be done and posted in the morning of the update day.


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