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Uh, I think those Zdenek Burian drawings are public domain...

A while ago, I got an email request asking for permission to use a Zdenek Burian painting I had posted on my blog for a presentation.I told the requester that permission wasn't mine to give, but that I thought the work, having been made in a country that at the time was under Communist rule and not a signatory to the relevant international conventions, was probably either public domain or the property of the current Czech government. On second thought, I have no idea if that's actually true.
When I posted the images back in 2005, I did so because I had made the scans anyway, there seemed to be very little of his work online, and I liked showing them to my readers.
But today, during my routine cruise of Europe's most important news sources*), I saw one of my scans popping up in the Bulgarian Post, with a link back saying rocr.xepher.net was the source of the image. I don't particularly mind having one of my scans used as a source image, but it really should be credited to Zdenek Burian who made the art, and/or to whoever owns the rights to it now, if anyone does.

*)Lie. I was looking at my referral stats.


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