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Kel Cameo in PSI, and stuff I like

The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan character Kel appears in A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy today, as a sunbather who gets hassled by a park ranger. It's always fun to get cameo'ed!

Other stuff I've noticed lately: What Birds Know has been criticised for its slow pacing, and I think the web interface, pretty though it is, distracts from what readers want, which is to just read the comics, but it does have lovely full-colour art and a wonderful sense of suspence and mystery, especially when the birdies of the title finally go nuts. The art reminds me somewhat of Linda Medley's Castle Waiting, which reminds me that I ought to order the collection that Fantagraphics put out of that comic. Read What Birds Know in one sitting over a nice cup of tea or maybe two.
Minus has whimsy, magic, cuteness and lovely colours. While some of the plots seem a bit obvious, they work, proving that a good story doesn't have to have surprise endings or gags.

Finally, Ryan Adams seems to think he's Willie Nelson on the CD studio-mate Josje brought in. Good, though.


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