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Project Wonderful ads now live on ROCR.net

Webcartoonists, bloggers and other people who might like to plug something for free or very cheap: look at the area around the navigation bar on all ROCR.net comic pages. I have a row of ad buttons that you can bid on through the new ad service Project Wonderful. At the time of writing, I have threetwo spots still empty, which means that they go for the low, low price of $0. Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan has a good track record when it comes to getting people to click on links posted on the front page, and this particular block of links appears on hundreds of pages, close to a part of each page that readers actively look for. I think they're going to be very effective.

I picked Project Wonderful because they've got an innovative formula for selling ads. You bid on them based on a price per day, and if you're the highest bidder, your ad gets shown until it expires or is outbid. You only pay for the time your ad is actually shown, so if you bid a dollar (feel free to do so), and your ad is outbid after 12 hours, you only pay half a dollar. The going rate is shown on the website along with the ads, which makes things transparent not just for potential advertisers, but also for the readers, who get a clearer picture of how much, or how little, a webcomic is bringing in. Over time, this may adjust some reader attitudes towards cartoonists who don't have spotless update records...

Over the past two weeks, I've used Project Wonderful as an advertiser myself, and I've had quite a few people coming in from some of the ads I posted. I found the interface easy to work with (though I do think the website sends too much mail!) and had a lot of fun picking sites that I might advertise on. It has the immediacy of playing in a scratch card lottery. I'm not sure the service is ideal for big, time-sensitive campaigns because getting outbid would disrupt such campaigns. I suppose, though, that if the campaign is important enough, advertisers can prevent that by increasing their maximum bids.

However, for cheap, small-scale, permanent promotions, it's very, very good. Put a button on a smallish site for next to nothing, get some visitors in from there, do it again on another smallish site, and over time, it adds up.

Project Wonderful is another brainchild of Ryan North, of Dinosaur Comics, Oh No Robot and RSSPECT. Ryan is a true innovator within the webcomics field, and if he goes on like this, one day every last one of us will be his bitch. I won't mind, personally.


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