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Dutch election candidate endorsement: Vote Oosterhuis in 2006!

Speaking of the Socialist Party, I'm voting for them tomorrow. It's the most left-wing vote I've cast in many years.
I don't base my vote on their platform, which I haven't read. Election platforms serve merely as signposts anyway; they don't ever get implemented undiluted in Dutch government.
I don't even base my choice on the, to my mind patently obvious, observation that the Socialist Party are the only left-of-center party in the Netherlands who are able to bang two rocks together. It helps, but on its own, it doesn't excite me.
Tomorrow, I will cast my vote for the number 30 on the Socialist Party list, Huub Oosterhuis, based on his outstanding performance on the issue of Making Rita Verdonk Cry. Making Verdonk Cry is an issue I care passionately about. I would go as far as to say there is no more beautiful sight in this world than Rita Verdonk Crying, if it wasn't for the existence of sights in this world that don't include Rita Verdonk at all.*)
I do not believe that Oosterhuis' comments a few weeks ago, comparing the Dutch Immigratie en Naturalisatie Dienst to the Dutch police collecting Jews during World War II, were all that inappropriate or beyond the pale, though I'll admit that such comparisons are rarely constructive. The IND, in any case, have failed to convince me that these comments were inappropriate; indeed, their counterargument could be summarized as "we're only following orders", which I'm pretty sure was the whole point of the comparison in the first place. Anyway, I'm still open to persuasion, but would very much prefer the next round of arguing about that to take place on the floor of the Tweede Kamer, between Oosterhuis and Verdonk themselves. With luck, there'll be tears.

*) Developing this line of thought further, the most beautiful sight in this world, a Zen moment of perfect beauty, is a picture of the next Dutch Cabinet without Verdonk, observed by someone who knows that outside the picture, Verdonk is bawling her guts out.


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