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Do you ever get the feeling you're being held to ransom?

Because I do.

I called my computer supplier again, and they had run into another problem. The new, non-warranty-replacement motherboards, which I asked them to put in after all in the hope of ending the wait for my machine, can't hold the 4 512 MB memory sticks and need 2 1024 MB sticks to keep the same amount of memory. And they need to take a closer look at the machine just to figure out which sticks will fit and what they might be able to do with the older sticks, which may be resellable but probably won't be. Nearly three weeks in, I'm facing more expense and another weekend without access to data I need. And it would have been such a relief to be able to send bills.

I can't miss my stuff much longer; If I don't get my machine back today I'll try and reconstruct my "invoices sent" data from my gmail account and my bank statements so I at least know how to number the next few, as well as which internal invoices for the studio's internet connection I've already sent this year.

What also miffs me is that they mentioned a second problem, which is that they can't boot up with the new hard drive I ordered, because it doesn't have any OS on it. Seems like they're worse than my workshop students at remembering info I've already told them. I take care of putting an OS on the disk, because I don't want Windows on that machine.

(Actually, I'm wavering on that a little bit. It might be worthwhile to multiboot again, just so I can use Photoshop in an emergency. If I can get a cheap license, and I can get it before I get the PC back, whenever that is, I might give it a try.)

I blame myself for the first week of waiting and its consequences, but the second and third week earn this particular supplier an "I don't think I'll be buying from you again" card. One of the problems is that they have been too busy to fix my machine quickly; that's one problem I'll be glad to help them get rid of.


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