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Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic is much more fun than the title promises, and rather well-drawn. I wish it wasn't done in un-inked pencils, and I wish I'd find more fantasy comics that took their influence from fantasy literature (or better yet, the legends that form the source material for other forms of fantasy, or better yet, entirely from the artists' own fevered imaginations, though in the case of a parody comic like this, that wouldn't have worked anyway) rather than roleplaying games, but given these niggling objections, I found this one funny, easy on the eyes and a good way to procrastinate for an hour or so. If you like the manic energy of early Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan or the low-brow sillyness of Pawn, then spend some time in the world of Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic.


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